Experience a culture of discovery at New College, where students expand their understanding of the world by conducting research on campus, in the community, and around the globe. Starting your first year, work directly with faculty on research that most students don’t experience until graduate school.

Student Research & Travel Grants

For more than two decades, the Student Research and Travel Grant Program (SRTG) has provided grant funding to New College students in support of research and travel associated with their thesis work, presenting at professional conferences, tutorials, and independent study projects. Coordinated by the Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity, SRTG proposals are invited from current students in good academic standing twice a year (once a semester) and are reviewed by a committee of alumni and faculty members.

Student Projects

学生 take on a diverse array of projects with real-world impact

Research Facilities

Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center

More than 400 different species of marine and freshwater organisms, including fish, aquatic frogs, and invertebrates are housed in the 10,000-square-foot Pritzker Marine Biology Center that is located just over 100 yards from the 萨拉索塔 Bay.

Public Archaeology Lab

The Public Archaeology Lab features more than 1,600 square feet of workspace for processing and interpreting artifacts, an office for archaeological site reports and geographic information systems, and storage space for excavated finds.

教师 Research

New College professors are active researchers as well as outstanding teachers.

Research by the Numbers

Office of Research Programs & 服务

Did you know New College has an office dedicated to assisting students and faculty with research funding and support? Learn more about the Office of Research Programs & 服务 (ORPS). Learn More